What should you know about the types of Pier foundation repair?

Pier Foundation

Foundation is the heart of every building. If your foundation is weak, then the entire structure will be in danger. So, you should check for the moisture content in the foundations that is responsible for damages like swelling and contracting. If you find any damages like crack or some other, you should call a foundation repair contractor in your locality to fix it. Different types of damages can happen and different methods of fixing it. One such repair method is the foundation repair dfw. A pier foundation is the collection of large cylindrical columns that will help the structures to stand firm by transferring the loads on to the ground without collapsing. Let us discuss the types of pier foundations in this article.

Types of Pier foundation

There are three basic types of pier foundation used in foundational repair processes as below,
• Concrete Pier
• Steel Pier
• Helical Pier

Concrete Pier

A concrete pier is a large column (square, rectangle, or cylindrical) filled with concrete to support the structures. Your issues with the foundations will be solved permanently if you repair them with concrete piers. The size of the Pier will depend on the nature of the soil and the depth of the bed. The installation of concrete piers will produce more dirt, and the process is quite expensive. A concrete pier will add stability to the repaired surfaces for a long time.

Steel Pier

It is the technological improvement from a concrete pier with the use of steel in place of concrete. The process takes less time to do, and no disturbances will happen to the landscape of operation. More advanced technologies are in the research stages to improve the efficiency of steel piers.

Helical Piers

These piers will help repair structures of light-loadings.

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