Tuscan- Where earth bleeds wine

The wine tours help people, be it a critique, or a college student, or even a tourist to understand how and in what conditions the vines are grown. It is a fascinating process where a person tastes wine while understanding the process of its growth.

For college students, this educational field trip consists of a look at wine-harvest and then proceed to the distillery to understand the step by step process of its making. The wineries are open to local people as well. They usually start with a mini course on wine tasting. The long field-trip encourages people to buy wines and that’s why the gates are open. It is a respectful gesture to buy a bottle of wine before leaving the field, the wineries live on that.
If you are an enthusiast in viniculture or food technology in general, the wine tour Tuscany especially in Tuscany will blow your mind away. There is a high possibility that the host or the owners of those enchanting winery, give out free samples. I mean, who doesn’t like a sip for free. Most of them are free, but if something extraordinary catches your eye, like ice wine, then the sample needs to be paid for.
The wine tours can teach how to savor the feeling of the wine before tasting it. It does add to the confidence to be present in an elite social gathering. These tours can be self-arranged or can be arranged by tour guide. The latter is expensive as they even arrange transportation between wineries.
Wine tours are a great atmosphere to learn everything from a new point of view. It can get stuffy but if the aim is to learn and enjoy then there is nothing to bother.

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