Driving licenses and taxations in Canada

With permanent residency in canada, it will mean that you will have to settle in Canada, and there will be a need for you to drive. You need to know if your driving qualifications will be accepted in Canada or not so that you plan ahead of time on the way forward.

Driving licenses
The tests and examinations that you might have done in your home country may not help you when you go to Canada. Or you will require your paperwork to be converted in order for them to be valid. For two reasons, driving licenses are a minefield in Canada.
The first reason is that, the provinces are the ones who award licenses with the federal government having no say in the matter. Individual provinces tend to have their own testing and rules. Secondly, different countries tend to have different agreements with the provinces.
You will need to take a look at the license holder for internationals in your province or whatever territory you are headed for your permanent Residency, Canada. Make sure that you get the right documentations before you leave for Canada.
Under the decentralized federal system of Canada, taxes are normally levied on a variety of levels. Income taxes are then picked from both the provincial and federal governments. Depending on your terms of employment and status, you might be entitled to a tax refund at every end of a fiscal year.
The sales taxes in Canada tend to vary from one province to the next; Quebec has about 14%, while Alberta has about 5%. They are taxes that are added at the point of sale and not on the price tag. It means that you should be aware of a product with a price tag of $10 is going to cost you more than that at the point of sale.

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